How do NYC personal injury attorneys prove negligence in accidents between a pedestrian and a bicyclist?

Two bicyclists

In the crowded streets of NYC, accidents between bicyclists and pedestrians can be a common occurrence, as any New York accident attorney can easily attest to. Thankfully, many of these accidents are minor and may only result in a few scuffs or a bruise or two. But if the injuries suffered are more severe, it may be recommended that you or your loved one involved in the accident retain the services of a NYC personal injury attorney in order to prove negligence on the part of the other individual.

Sometimes proving negligence in accidents between a pedestrian and a bicyclist isn’t so easy, but an attorney can investigate the details of the accident, and filing a police report at the time of the accident certainly helps, as that is when the details will be most at the forefront of your mind. Treat the accident as though it was a car accident—you obviously won’t be contacting your car insurance companies, but getting the details down in a report is important.

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Details should include the time and the location of the accident, what both parties were doing, and statements by any witnesses, as they will be key in helping to prove negligence. Legal assistance by NYC personal injury attorneys will then be the determining factor in proving negligence and helping you to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Witnesses may be called to explain what happened and provide their version of events, so it is important that any police report also contains the contact details of the witnesses that were on the scene and gave statements.

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