Were You Injured After Bouncers “removed” You From A Bar Or Nightclub? You May Have The Right To Sue.

A night out with friends at a bar or club can be a fun time until for some reason the bouncers feel the need to have you removed from the establishment. Perhaps you drank too much and caused a scuffle, or perhaps you were an innocent bystander caught up in someone else’s shenanigans. Regardless of the reasons, you might be surprised to learn that most bouncers actually have no legal right to physically remove you from the place. Injuries caused by overzealous bouncers who have exceeded their authority can range from a few bumps and bruises to broken bones and other severe injuries, as many personal injury attorneys in NY can attest to.

But technically, a bouncer is just considered another employee of the club or bar, and unless they have received special training and been certified as security personnel, they have no legal right to touch anyone else in the club in a physical, forceful manner. Obviously, most of the public does not know this, and in some cases, the bouncers themselves, as well as the bar owners, don’t know this either. So many cases of bouncer-caused injuries often go unreported, but if you have been injured by bouncers at a club or bar, you may have the right to sue.

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New York personal injury lawyers will first tell you that bouncers do have the right to defend themselves, so if this is a case where you attempted to assault a bouncer, then you might not have any rights to compensation for your injuries. However, if the bouncer harmed you without just provocation, or if additional bouncers all banded together and physically harmed you, then it is possible that they or the owner of the establishment can be held liable. Contact a NY personal injury attorney today for a free consultation and to discuss the details of your case.

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