What Kinds Of Compensatory Damages Settlement Can I Expect To Receive After a Truck Accident In NYC?

While car accidents and truck accidents in NYC are often handled in a different manner by insurance companies and the courts, the amount of money you receive for compensatory damages are usually based on the same factors. In addition to how much the truck driver or company responsible for the driver can be held liable, the damages you or a loved one has suffered are the key factors in determining your settlement.

Liability is a large consideration, because sometimes both parties can be found liable, or you may be found partially liable, subsequently reducing the amount of your settlement. In order to prove liability, it is recommended that you retain the services of a truck accident lawyer in NYC. They are well versed in handling such cases, and can investigate the accident on your behalf, whereas insurance companies may be biased and will investigate on their own behalf, in order to reduce the amount of the settlement as much as possible.

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Additionally, a New York truck accident lawyer will fight to help you get fair compensation for compensatory damages, whereas insurance companies typically do not offer much, if anything at all. Compensatory damages can include medical bills not just at the present time, but also any future medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income due to time missed from work or the fact that you or a loved one may no longer be able to work, and lifestyle changes that must be made if the injuries were severe or require continuous treatment. Contact a personal injury attorney or a truck accident attorney in NY today for a free consultation.

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