Have You Suffered a Back Injury?

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Your back is one of the most crucial parts of your body.  You use it for stability in nearly every movement you make.  When it’s been injured you feel the pain almost constantly as even the smallest movement may trigger muscle spasms.

Further, back injuries can be among the slowest types of injury to heal.  If your profession involves significant physical labor a back injury can sideline you for months or longer.  Your income can suffer and your career may be derailed or ended altogether.  Even if you are able to return to work you may find yourself unable to perform the same tasks you could prior to your injury.

Aside from employment issues, a back injury can affect your quality of life in other ways.  Sleepless nights, chronic pain, and even a loss of independence can all arise from serious back injuries.

If you have injured your back you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.  This may include payment for doctor and hospital visits, lost wages, medication, and even (in some cases) your pain and suffering.

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