When You Are Injured in a Taxi Accident, Who is at Fault, The Driver or The Company?

New York taxi drivers are often portrayed as reckless, crazy, and horrible drivers, but thousands of New Yorkers still use taxi services every day. Amazingly, taxi accidents are not as common as you would think, so maybe taxi drivers do have some decent driving skills after all. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ever any accidents involving taxis, as automobile accident attorneys can attest to. But many involved in such accidents often wonder, do they sue the taxi driver or the taxi company?

The question is no longer so easy to answer, especially when many taxi drivers today are working for companies such as Uber, where company officials often deny responsibility for the actions of their drivers, as in the recent case where a pedestrian was struck and killed by an Uber driver. Regardless of whether you or a loved one was in an accident with a driver registered with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, or a driver for Uber or another company such as Lift, it is recommended that you contact an NYC personal injury attorney.

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The experienced car accident lawyer can review the details of your case and launch an investigation as well as accurately determine which party is ultimately at fault for the accident and responsible for your injuries. The last thing you want to have to deal with after an accident is a maze of legal paperwork and confusion, and feeling pressure from insurance company brokers to accept a settlement that may not be sufficient enough to cover present and future medical expenses.

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