Can an auto accident attorney help you if an accident occurred due to bad road conditions?

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Many accidents in New York City occur simply because one driver was driving in an unsafe manner or not paying attention, causing an accident. However, sometimes an accident might occur, in which case, no one is at fault except for the road. Bad road conditions are nothing new in New York and surrounding areas, and if you have been involved in an accident because of problems with the road, you may be left thinking that there is no recourse for you to sure anyone and receive compensation for damages to your car and injuries you might have sustained. However, an auto accident attorney in NYC can tell you that you do in fact have options.

Experienced NYC auto accident attorneys see plenty of cases in which bad road conditions are to blame for an accident, including anything from blind spots at turns and curves, potholes, and even water and ice on the road. The DOT and other organizations that are responsible for city roads have a responsibility to ensure that the roads are safe for drivers, and if they are negligent in that responsibility, then they can be held liable for any accidents that occur.

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An auto accident attorney can investigate the details of your accident, determine what might have caused you to lose control of your car or crash, and whether or not something could have been done in order to prevent or reduce the risk of an accident. Determining fault and responsibility is of major importance if you are to receive fair compensation for your injuries, so contacting an auto accident lawyer in NYC is highly recommended after any accident.

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