Fighting fires in NY is a dangerous job – where do you go for help after an accident?

fire truck driving on the road

As a firefighter, you already know that there are many risks taken on the job, and sometimes accidents and injuries may occur. Typically, a firefighter cannot sue if they are injured on the job because of the known inherent risks. But sometimes, those injuries could have been easily prevented, if only someone else hadn’t been careless or negligent in their behavior. In cases such as this, NY Firefighter Injury Lawyer can tell you that you do have rights and may be able to file a lawsuit.

Some examples of cases where NY firefighters may have a case and a right to compensation include being injured in an accident due to a negligent fire truck driver, being injured in the firehouse due to unsafe conditions, or being injured because equipment was not properly maintained. Additionally, you may sometimes have a case against the owners of buildings in which the building is not properly maintained, causing you to have an accident and suffer injury, such as on a faulty staircase.

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If you are a NY firefighter that has been injured and the accident is not covered through Workers’ Compensation, then it is recommended that you contact a NY Firefighter Accident Attorney today for a free consultation. Your attorney will be able to hear the details of your incident and will investigate the area of the accident, as well as gather testimony from witnesses and experts. It is important that you know that you have basic rights to be able to work in a safe environment when fires aren’t an issue and that an accident caused by negligence is not one you are responsible for yourself.

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