Injured in a multiple car accident? Who is to blame?

When one automobile strikes another on New York City streets, it is typically fairly obvious where the blame lies, and who is deserving of compensation. However, when an accident involves multiple vehicles, it can be a little harder to lay the blame on any one particular car. Sometimes it may even be a case of road hazards, weather or other criteria that cause an accident, leaving the victims even more unsure of who to sue in order to receive compensation for their injuries.

But New York auto accident attorneys can tell you that there is always someone or something at fault, and if you have been injured in an auto accident in New York, whatever the circumstances, you have a right to compensation for your injuries and other factors, such as wages lost due to missed work, and pain and suffering. Take for example the recent major accident in which a speeding car slammed into a city bus, leaving scores injured.

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Many of the victims on the bus who received injuries may have been unsure of how to receive compensation for their injuries, choosing to rely solely upon their insurance companies for help. Obviously, the speeding car was to blame for this accident, but in cases where the answer isn’t so clear, it is recommended that you contact a New York auto accident attorney for help. There is no reason to accept an inefficient offer from your insurance company when you deserve much more for your injuries, especially if they are severe.

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