The winter weather is causing plenty of accidents. Car accident lawyers in New York are on your side

car stuck in snow after accident

How many of us are watching the weather report each day, hoping that another forecast of snow and ice is not in the immediate future? The heavy, frequent snowfalls have certainly caused plenty of havoc already, and unfortunately, it seems that the winter is not over yet. With each snowfall comes more auto accidents, and car accident lawyers in New York can certainly tell you that they have seen an increase as well in the number of cases being filed against reckless drivers and the city itself, when it is found to blame for some of the accidents due to inefficient snow and ice removal.

Despite the number of warnings from local news media, drivers still populate the roads, and even those that drive as safely as possible can still suffer an accident and injuries as a result of the inclement weather. If you have been in an accident already, you would be wise to see a car accident lawyer in New York so as to see what rights you have to compensation for damages to your automobile and for any injuries you might have suffered.

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Even if you have been in an accident due to the weather in which no other cars were involved, there is still a good chance that you might receive more deserving compensation that you would be offered by your insurance company. Your NY car accident lawyer will investigate the causes of the accident and see if there is any negligence on the part of the city or others that may have contributed to the accident. There is no need to simply accept an insurance company settlement. Contact an experienced attorney today.

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