New York City Historic Sites

FDNY Memorial

New York city is undoubtedly a national treasure in itself, serving as the nation’s first capital from 1785 to 1790. The history of the city is rich, spanning across four centuries, originally settled by immigrants from the Netherlands, England, France and Germany, the residents of the city played major part in the beginnings of the Revolutionary War by closing businesses in resistance to the Stamp Act. After the Revolutionary War the city became one of the nation’s most prevalent ports, and eventually became the hub and back bone of exporting and importing goods in America. Immigrants continued flocking the city, and by the beginning of the 20th century the city began developing into the place we recognize and love today. Because of the depth and breadth of history in NYC there are hundreds of historical sites to visit, some of the most popular being the Statue of Liberty, and the 9/11 memorial.

The Statue of Liberty is possibly one of the most recognizable historical landmarks or monuments in the country, it embodies everything the USA is about including freedom and democracy, and represents the melting pot that America is. The statue was a gift from France to the USA and is located on the federal immigration station of Ellis Island. Between 1892 and 1954 12 million immigrants passed though Ellis Island before being allowed to enter the United States. Many American citizens can trace their family history back to Ellis Island, having one of more family members arriving “fresh off the boat.” The Statue of Liberty is a prominent tourist attraction, and crucial representation of American history, it is a moving experience to visit it. Another historical site, that has not been around nearly as long, but represents freedom and democracy is the 9/11 memorial site and museum.

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On that fateful day in September, 2001, America changed forever, with the unfortunate happenings of the largest terrorist attack we have ever encountered as a nation. 19 militants associated with al-Queda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against the US. Two planes were flown into the World Trade Center, the attacks resulted in extreme devastation and death, killing over 3,000 people. Other that the grim death toll, there were many who were injured. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are injured via attack, accident, or what have you, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer. The 9/11 attacks were absolutely horrific, and triggered mass patriotism, anguish, and also lead to major wars the US became involved with. President Bush declared “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.” With that patriot idea in mind, there was of course a 9/11 memorial and museum put in the place of where the original World Trade Center was located. The museum honors the victims and those who gave their lives trying to help the victims. Within the museum and memorial there is a historical exhibition, and memorial exhibition.

National Parks & Historic Sites of New York City

New York City has earned its place in American history. The collection of national parks along the in Manhattan provide a cultural gateway to America, commemorating who we have become as a people.

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