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Every single day, construction workers risk their lives in the city. Many construction workers use ladders to reach high places. While there is an increased risk when working with ladders on construction sites, an injured worker should not have to suffer emotionally and financially after an accident.

Our worker’s compensation laws ensure there is compensation for those who are injured during work hours. What’s more, if a third party is found to be negligent in the incident, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

More About Ladder Accidents in the Workplace and Our Laws

Ladder accidents tend to be the most common causes of injury in the workplace, and even result in death, in the city, especially on construction sites. When workers are required to work at heights that are above ground level, their risks increase significantly.

Certain rules and laws have been put in place to protect construction workers who are required to work at such heights. The rules insist that certain kinds of scaffolds or ladders are used for certain jobs. How the safety devices are used is also mandated.

For instance, if there is only an A-frame ladder available for an extension ladder type of task, the worker’s safety is at risk. If that A-frame ladder is used but isn’t long enough to safely perform the job and an accident results, our Labor Law says that both the General Contractor and the building owner of the construction site are responsible. It is also up to both parties to ensure workers are presented with the right safety equipment and ladders to perform tasks safely.

The laws in New York mandate that:

  • Owners and general contractors at sites make sure that ladders are not incorrectly operated, maintained or placed
  • Proper ladders must be provided for construction workers

If often happens that employees are injured because they have to use old or broken ladders. The threat of severe repercussions or loss of job force construction workers to use ladders or other equipment that they know is not safe for the task at hand.

Different Types of Ladders for Different Jobs and Correct Placement

There is a myriad of ladders in use at construction sites throughout New York City. These include:

  • Step ladders
  • A-frame ladders
  • Extension ladders with metal or rubber feet
  • Platform ladders
  • Rolling safety ladders

Every one of these ladders has proper and recognized methods of use. It is vital that employees who use the ladders receive the appropriate training on set-up, use, and proper placement methods.

Even if the right ladder is given for a task, the location of the ladder at a site should be done with the utmost safety.

This means that:

  • The ground should be safe and level
  • The ladder may not be placed anywhere where the safety of a worker could be compromised

If an accident results from the improper placement of the ladder, a Labor Law violation against the General contractor or owner may be found based on their failure to ensure that workers could perform their jobs safely.
Besides New York law, Federal laws have been put in place to guide construction companies and workers on the safest ways to perform construction with the right ladders.

OSHA has specified that proper placement, height, rung-size, and other requirements are necessary for construction workers to operate a ladder safely.

Ladder Accidents in the Workplace – Let Us Help You

Whether the job at hand is painting a house, contracting assignments, redoing the siding on a property, as scaffolding, or for working on multi-story buildings, a fall from a ladder can result in severe injuries.

Typically, ladder accidents include:

  • Improper safety instructions
  • Inadequate safety precautions including harnesses, spotters, and barricades
  • A defected ladder due to manufacturer or design
  • Failure to correctly supervise and train workers
  • Construction equipment or machinery running into a ladder
  • Overloading materials that are carried up the ladder

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