Christian N. v. Manhattan Eye and Ear Infirmary

$50 Million : Brain Damaged Child

Christian, 4, was brought to the hospital for a routine droopy eyelid repair. The hospital in a cost cutting measure had contracted out it’s anesthesia services to a third party corporation who were saving money by employing mostly nurse practitioners instead of trained doctors to administer anesthesia.

Niurka A. v. Ronald Mills and the NYC Transit Authority

$31 Million : Police Officer Injured in Car Accident

A 35 year old New York City police officer was a passenger in a police car going to the scene of a robbery with a firearm in progress. As the police car went through a red light at a Bronx intersection with lights and sirens on, all traffic stopped except for a Chevy suburban owned by the New York City Transit Authority and driven by Ronald Mills. That vehicle struck the passenger side of the police car.

Structured Settlement for Wrongful Death of Sanitation Worker

$21.5 Million : Wrongful Death

Paul Dansker and Jason Molesso of Dansker and Aspromonte on May 6th, settled the case of Rafael C. v.. the City of New York and St Barnabas Hospital et al for $7.55 million before jury selection commenced.

Angela F. v. General Motors

$10.3 Million : Woman Struck by Truck

A young theater intern, 22, was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was suddenly struck by the rear gate of a passing flatbed truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

Harlem Fire Victims

$8 Million : Smoke Inhalation

$8 MILLION FOR HARLEM FIRE VICTIMS Dansker & Aspromonte represented 60 tenants of the infamous and deadly Schomburg Plaza fire in the late 80’s. A fire started in a jammed compactor chute on the 20th Floor of the high rise apartment building. The sprinkler system was not operational and because of defective materials and workmanship, […]

Infant Michelle v. Lifestar

$6.6 Million : Infant Michelle v. Lifestar

6 year old passenger injured in motor vehicle accident

Child Injured in Van Accident

$6.6 Million : Child Injured in Van Accident

6 year old passenger injured in motor vehicle accident

Angela R. v. The City of New York

$6.3 Million : $6.3 Million Settlement

In this shocking case, a young female accountant was walking after work in Battery Park a pedestrian promenade when she was suddenly struck by a speeding police motor scooter. Angela was knocked over thirty feet in the air and sustained multiple skull fractures with resultant bleeding and swelling of the brain. In addition to losing […]

Xue J. v. Dollar Rent A Car

$6.25 Million : $6.25 Million Settlement

Bike Accident Settlements in New York Riding a bike to school, work, and on errands is very common in New York. It’s a great way to save money on gas and also cuts down on time in traffic. Unfortunately, biking in New York’s cities can also prove to be dangerous. Although you’re riding a bike, […]

Kam L. V. Coppola Services, Inc.

$5 Million : $5 Million Settlement

In one of the most tragic cases this office has seen, two mothers and their four teenagers were driving on the New York State Thruway in a van. When they sustained a flat tire, instead of pulling over onto the shoulder, the mother who was driving inexplicably stopped the van in the right MOVING LANE of traffic. Meanwhile, a tanker truck traveling at a steady 65 miles an hour somehow inexplicably did not see the stopped van and barreled into it at full speed literally cutting it in half. There were two survivors with grave injuries and four fatalities. We got the maximum insurance that was available to cover these claims.

Hung Che C. v. Income Star Corp.

$5 Million : $5 Million Settlement

Premises Liability Settlements in New York It is the legal responsibility of property owners, business operators and lessees to afford a safe place to do business for individuals and customers on their premises. They are required by law to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition for people legally on their premises. When personal […]

Connie C. v. The City of New York – NY Personal Injury Lawyer

$4.4 Million : $4.4 Million Settlement

In this amazing trial, Paul Dansker obtained a stunning verdict through painstaking investigation and tireless preparation, despite the fact that the case was referred by another attorney 17 years after the accident took place!

Estate of John Doe

$4.2 Million : $4.2 Million Settlement

Estate of John Doe $4.2 million…In a sad example how lives can change in an instant, the plaintiff who was a Parks employee, was collecting salt on Staten Island from a site where NYC by arrangement had large front loaders to load up other spreader trucks to then disperse salt on roadways ahead of storms. […]

Owen S. v. The City of New York

$3.6 Million : $3.6 Million Settlement

A 41-year-old firefighter who had previously run 36 marathons got cut on his leg during a fire and went to the Fire Dept Medical Clinic. He then was transferred to Bellevue for emergency treatment. He was treated with antibiotics, sewn up and released. What the medical clinic didn’t tell Mr. S. or the Bellevue staff was that several years earlier, they had discovered he had a heart murmur caused by a bicuspid aortic valve.

Wing Kow YH v. New York

$3.5 Million : $3.5 Million Settlement

Paul Dansker settled this case at the end of the trial. Mrs. YH had been a passenger on a subway that derailed. At the moment of impact, she was thrown violently across the subway car and into a pole. She was knocked unconscious and also injured her knees and back.

Ren v. New York City Transit

$3.5 Million : $3.5 Million Settlement

This was a tragic case recently tried by Paul Dansker in Brooklyn Supreme Court. A 21-year-old developmentally disabled Chinese boy was walking with some friends after school when he stepped out into the crosswalk against the light and a City bus which was turning a little too close to the corner struck and ran over his body. The driver did not stop claiming he did not know that he hit anyone. The young man had crippling injuries which prevented him from ever leaving the hospital where he died several months later.

Crescensio P. v. The City of New York

$3.5 Million :

An undocumented Mexican immigrant was working on scaffolding when he fell 30 feet onto cement. He fractured his skull, and vertebrae in his neck and back along with other injuries. We proved at trial that the company he worked for failed to provide him with a safety line to hook onto, thus causing the accident. […]

Rhonda W. v. The City of New York

$3.3 Million : $3.3 Million Settlement

In this case, a woman and her boyfriend approached the 65th Street transverse across Central Park on the morning before the NYC Marathon. They saw a uniformed City worker putting up barricades to close off the road they had wanted to cross on. They asked the man if it was still okay if they go through on the road he was closing. He said “Sure, go ahead.” What he didn’t tell them was the reason that he was closing off the road was because the part of the roadway underneath the second overpass, about a half a mile away, had a work crew and three trucks waiting to repave it because it was totally destroyed due to an underground sewer main break.

Yan Qing C. v. Downtown Hospital – Medical Malpractice Lawyers in NYC

$3 Million : $3 Million Settlement

A young Chinese mother was seriously injured and her baby was lost due to the negligence of the doctors and staff delivering her baby and failing to carefully watch and heed the monitors. Additionally, the mother’s anatomy was torn severely necessitating surgical repair.


$2.8 Million : $2.8 Million Settlement

Maria, a Polish housekeeper was walking across Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn in the crosswalk, when she was struck by a speeding school bus and thrown a substantial distance. She sustained severe injuries including fractures of her vertebrae, pelvis, arms and legs.

Eric Q. v. New York City Health and Hospitals Corp

$2.75 Million : $2.75 Million Settlement

$2.75 million Eric Q. v. New York City Health and Hospitals. – In this case, the plaintiff was an innocent bystander who was shot in the leg while he was standing on the sidewalk. The ER staff at the hospital failed to diagnose compartment syndrome, a condition which causes intense swelling due to fluid buildup […]

James A. v. City of New York

$2.4 Million : $2.4 Million Settlement

NYC Bicycle Accident and Injury Lawsuits A large number of people in New York City use bikes for transportation, exercise, and recreation. However, riding a bike in this city can be downright dangerous, with the speeding taxicabs, buses, trucks, black cars, motorcycles, messengers and delivery people zigzagging all over as if there were no lanes […]

Deborah S. v. Chrysler Finanical et al

$2.4 Million : Woman Rollerblading, Hit By Vehicle

In this case a 34 year old chef and restaurant eur was rollerblading in Greenwich village when she was struck by a vehicle backing up into a parking space on the street. What made this case complicated was that Ms. S had previously undergone surgery to remove a disc at L5-S1 in her lower spine […]

Jian S. v. Kirin Management

$2.25 Million : $2.25 Million Settlement

New York Settlements for Workplace Injuries: Ladder Falls In the case of Jian S. v. Kirin Management, a 46-year old carpenter fell from a ladder that resulted in facial fractures and a knee fracture that required surgery. The verdict for this case was $2.25 million. Construction labor jobs are known for being quite dangerous, which […]

Joan S. v. PJ Clarkes

$2.2 Million : $2.2 Million Settlement

Paul Dansker tried this case involving a 36-year-old woman who met a man at the famous tavern PJ Clarke’s in Manhattan. After being served drinks at the bar for over five hours they got into his Alpha Romeo Spider and within minutes he proceeded to run a red light on Park Avenue where they were struck broadside by a speeding taxi cab.


$2 Million : $2 Million Settlement

Mrs. R. was a 46-year-old matron responsible for cleaning offices at night. Unbeknownst to her, the building was being fumigated for bugs with a very concentrated, powerful chemical agent, so dangerous that the men doing the work were wearing Hazmat gear from head to toe. Neither her company nor the exterminating company notified her of the extermination. When she opened up her supply closet she was literally assaulted by a cloud of heavy toxic fumes.

Luis R. v. Elmhurst Burgers

$1.9 Million : $1.9 Million Settlement

The plaintiff, a 53-year-old car service driver got out of his car to retrieve money dropped by another driver in the drive-thru lane of the Burger King, and fell into an open sewer grate. He was treated for back, wrist and hips injuries. Approximately 5 weeks later he presented in the hospital with a massive lung infection and a collapsed lung and ultimate loss of 50% lung capacity.

Milagros C. v. Waynes Electric Company

$1.5 Million : $1.5 Million Settlement

43 year old home-care attendant struck by van suffering fractured ankle with surgery

Baby Giselle C. v. Dr. Bozza and Others

$1.4 Million : $1.4 Million Settlement

$1.4 Million settlement Baby Taylor C:  This medical malpractice case was settled at trial by Paul Dansker in Supreme Court Nassau County several years ago. Giselle, Taylor’s mother was short of stature, had gained excessive weight over 50 lbs., was past due, and had a prolonged first stage and second stage of delivery. These were […]

Baby Shirley C. v. New York City Health and Hospital Corp

$1.35 Million : $1.35 Million Settlement

Infant born with congenital hip dislocation not properly diagnosed and treated resulting in slight deformity

Cordelia C. v. New York City Transit Authority

$1.34 Million : $1.34 Million Settlement

A 56-year-old home health attendant tripped over an exposed wire that was extending from a telephone box on the subway platform. The wire had been left there by electricians during renovation of the station.

Plaintiff ultimately had to have a total knee replacement.

Ray Maceira did an excellent job on a very lengthy and hotly contested litigation.

Hanrong L. v. Village Community School

$1.3 Million : $1.3 Million Settlement

50 year old construction worker fell through a hole in the scaffold where he was working and sustained small fractures of the spinous process and mild cognitive deficits.

Ernest R v Arcadia Express Inc

$1.3 Million : 1.3 Million Settlement

Ernest r. v Arcadia express Staten Island Judge Leone This was an interesting case involving a 16 year old boy who was pinned against a wall by a backing box truck owned by Arcadia Express.  Ernest sustained a lacerated spleen which had to be surgically removed. Not only did the jury find the driver 100% […]


$1.2 Million : $1.2 Million Settlement

Plaintiff was a security guard who slipped on ice on a ramp attached to the building owned by Metropolitan Life.


$1.2 Million : $1.2 Million Settlement

Doug Hoffer tried this case to a stunning verdict. A young girl slid down a sliding pond in the playground of a City school. The slide was not installed properly resulting in a gap between the wall of the slide and the base of the slide. Little Ayisha while sliding down caught her ring finger in the gap and the top of it was sliced off.


$1.1 Million : $1.1 Million Settlement

Julio, 16, was an outpatient at the Manhattan Children’s Psychiatric Hospital where he attended school every day and got psychiatric counseling and supportive therapy.

Muesette G. v. DCFS Trust

$1 Million : $1 Million

The applicant, a university student aged 19, was a passenger in the back seat of a car that hit a barrier when the driver lost control in Washington Heights. As a result of the accident, she suffered a fracture of the pelvis and lumbar disc bulge which his orthopedist said that would require future surgery.

Jovita H. v. Jonathan Cass, Inc.

$1 Million : $1 Million Settlement

This was an interesting case involving an elderly office worker who was struck by a van moments after she left her office at the close of business. She was knocked unconscious and removed to the hospital by ambulance. All subsequent testing was negative but her children claimed that she was no longer herself after the […]

America B. S. v. Building Owner

$1 Million : $1 Million Settlement

60 year old woman sustained head injury after tripping on rain mat.

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