Fatal Car Accident




您可能有权获得经济和个人损失大幅赔偿因致命车祸,卡车事故,行人发生事故,或其他过失致人死亡引起别人的过失。在Dansker和放大器的律师;阿斯普罗蒙特就会把自己几十年的经验,努力寻求答案,公正,并为您提供最佳的财务结果。联系我们免费咨询拥有一支经验丰富 NY personal injury lawyer.


在我们广受尊敬的公司的律师有丰富的经验追求 过失致人死亡 诉讼代表整个纽约大都市区悲伤的家庭成员。你们可以找我们,我们将真诚地关心你,让你的情况下,我们的使命,采取如行动的信心:

  • 进行彻底调查,以确定过错和责任崩溃
  • 在调用需要高品质的专家,包括经济学家准确预测死者和你的悲剧性的损失的总影响的预期寿命收益
  • 建立你的情况下,从一天可能试,以迫使保险公司和其他责任方真诚地进行谈判,否则将面临战斗到底


我们通过一个排他性的,不懈专注于人身伤害法律和过失致人死亡索赔取得的成果 – 从字面上看,数亿数千例痊愈 – 为自己说话大部分。我们鼓励您浏览我们的情况下,结果并查看我们的客户证言视频,了解更多关于我们致力于提供最大限度的顽强表现为每个我们所服务的客户端。服务曼哈顿,布鲁克林,布朗克斯,昆斯和斯塔滕岛。

这将花费你一分钱与实现律师谁将会把您喜欢的家庭和先放你的利益说话。呼叫Dansker&;阿斯普罗蒙特现在(646) 692-0204 要么 联系我们 随时在线! 

  • Innovative Legal Strategies
    Each client that comes to our team gets a managing partner and trial partner dedicated to their case. We put our collective 75 years of experience behind your case to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf.
  • Small Firm Dedication & Focus
    Our firm is different from most firms in our area in that we are a “boutique” type firm that is small enough to give personal attention to our clients and yet experienced and powerful with a reputation as a hard-hitting litigation firm.
  • Providing Answers & Solutions
    Our team is committed to always being able to provide you with updates on your case and answers to your questions. This is your case and we want to be sure you are confident every step of the way.
  • Proven Record of Success
    Dansker & Aspromonte has been advocating for the rights of the injured since 1986. We have the tools, resources, knowledge, and commitment to get you the best possible outcome.

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