Dansker & Aspromonte Annouce Appeal Success in Bike Case

We are pleased to announce that we have recently, with the help of Brian Shoot Esq., one of the foremost legal scholars and Appellate experts in New York, won an appeal in the Second Dept (Brooklyn) in the amount of $6.1 million dollars for a bicycle delivery man who sustained severe orthopedic injuries and brain damage when he was hit by a Dollar Rent a Car. Additionally, briefs are being filed in early June on another appeal in which we had previously won a $3.3 million dollar verdict for a female bicyclist who sustained major facial injuries with multiple surgeries and vertigo in a fall in an open excavation in Central Park. The formidable Brian Shoot is also handling that appeal on behalf of Dansker and Aspromonte. We look forward to winning that one as well. Also, I recently settled a case in the middle of a trial in Queens for a lady who was injured in a bus accident when she was thrown down after the bus stopped short. Notably, there was no contact whatsoever between the bus and the car in front which ultimately paid $300 thousand out of the $400 thousand settlement! During the coming weeks and months, I will do my best to keep you posted as to our latest victories and successes.

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