Worker’s Injury Settlement Helps Him To Reunite His Family

When construction workers get injured on the job, it can have a ripple effect on many people. The worker himself or herself, of course, is the most directly affected. Injuries can linger for months, years or even a lifetime, making everyday activities difficult — and a return to work all but impossible. But the family of an injured worker is affected as well; without that reliable source of income, an entire family can feel like they are living on the edge.

After hiring a construction accident lawyer and after a large settlement from New York City, one construction worker doesn’t have to worry about those concerns anymore. The man suffered his construction accident when he fell while working a job at a school in Brooklyn. He was attempting to dismantle some scaffolding when it gave way. The man says he fell about 20 feet and landed head-first on some concrete that had been broken up.

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The case took a while to make its way through the court system; in fact, the man originally filed the lawsuit back in 2010. During that time, the man — now 43 years old — had to send one of his children to live with his in-laws because he couldn’t afford to sufficiently provide for his family.

The worker’s injuries continue to be debilitating. He says he feels as though he is 83, not 43, because of his condition. His young children even have to put on his shoes for him. Now, however, his financial concerns have been abated: he was awarded a settlement of $6.3 million for his on-the-job injury.

Source: New York Post, “Hardhat gets $6.3M from city after 20-foot scaffolding fall,” Josh Saul, April 3, 2014

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