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Property owners, tenants, management companies, maintenance contractors, and many others are often required by law to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. Premises liability law covers a wide range of accidents such as objects falling on you from a construction zone, a slip and fall on a slippery floor in a store or building, tripping on a broken sidewalk or inside a business, or being injured by a defective elevator. These are just a small sample of possibly preventable accidents that can lead to serious injuries for New Yorkers just trying to go about their day-to-day lives.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries on someone else’s property or on a public sidewalk due to the owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation to help compensate you for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages. A Bronx premises liability lawyer from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can help you and your family fight for the compensation you deserve following an accident.

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Understanding Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases can include many different types of accidents and injuries. Slip and falls, scaffolding accidents, construction falls or injuries, elevator accidents, fires, and even dog bites can all serve as foundations for premises liability cases. The injuries you may suffer are just as diverse; some possible injuries in your case may include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord trauma, broken bones, and smoke inhalation, just to name a few.

Following your accident, you may have many questions regarding the legal process and whether your accident or injuries justify a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can answer all of your questions. Even if you are not sure whether you have a strong case, don’t hesitate to call. We are here to offer you a free consultation.

Defining Premises Liability in New York

According to the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), the general rule is that property owners in New York are required to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. If a property owner fails to meet these standards, then they can be held liable for any injuries caused by their negligence. This liability may also be imposed upon tenants, management companies, maintenance contractors, and other parties depending upon the unique facts of your case.

When you move forward with a premises liability claim, you must show evidence to prove that the property owner or other party:

  • Owed you a duty of care;
  • Failed to uphold their duty of care;
  • Caused your accident through negligence; and
  • Caused you to incur financial losses.

It can be difficult to prove negligence in a premises liability case on your own. After learning about the specifics of your situation, a Bronx premises liability lawyer from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can guide you through the legal process.

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What to Do Following a Premises Liability Accident

If you were injured on another party’s property or even on a public sidewalk or road, here are some actions you should take immediately after your accident that may strengthen your claim for compensation:

  • Call for an ambulance. Requesting medical attention at the scene of your accident will not only provide immediate medical evaluation and treatment of your injuries but will also help to prove certain elements of your case such as the time and location of the accident. In some instances, the emergency medical providers will also note any dangerous or defective condition they observe at the scene.
  • Request that a police or incident report be completed. Depending upon the circumstances, the police may respond to the scene of your accident. A police report or business incident report (if your incident took place in a business) may also be very helpful in recording details of your accident including the dangerous or defective conditions present. Always request that a report be completed, if possible.
  • Seeking medical treatment and follow up evaluation. The information you receive from your doctors can be used as evidence in your case. Your lab test results, medications, and statements from your doctor can demonstrate the severity of your injuries. On the other hand, scarce or delayed medical treatment may weaken your claim and reduce the ultimate amount of compensation you receive.
  • Staying off social media. While you may be tempted to post about the accident on social media, keep in mind that your posts and statuses can be used against you. Some claims adjusters are able to access your social media pages, regardless of your privacy settings. You do not want to share any information that could harm your case.
  • Consult with an experienced Bronx premises liability lawyer. When you work with a lawyer, their ultimate goal is to recover compensation for you and your family. They can negotiate a settlement, identify the liable party, and collect relevant pieces of evidence. Not all lawyers are equally experienced and qualified.

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We Can Help if You Were Injured on City, State, or Federal Property

In a densely populated area like the Bronx, we depend on the city, state, and federal government to keep our sidewalks, roads, parks, and public areas safe. But when you are injured due to a defective or damaged sidewalk or other government property, you have the same rights to demand fair and just compensation if the evidence shows that you were injured due to negligence.

The rules that apply to claims against the city, state, or federal government are complex, however, and have shorter deadlines. If you have been injured due to a dangerous or defective premise, sidewalk or roadway contact the lawyers are Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP as soon as possible.

Compensable Damages in a Premises Liability Case

If you have sustained personal injuries as the result of an unsafe condition on someone else’s property, New York law permits you to demand fair and just compensation for each and every type of damage you sustained including physical, emotional, and economic damages. While every case is unique, some of the types of damages you may be entitled to include financial compensation for past and future pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, loss of services around the home, lost wages, hospital, and medical expenses and any other out of pocket expenses that were caused by your injuries.

Our Results

We have secured millions of dollars in damages for our premises liability clients.

In previous cases that we handled, we recovered:

  • $31 million for a police officer involved in a motor vehicle while at work
  • $8 million for Harlem fire victims
  • $5 million for a man injured in an elevator shaft fall
  • $1.9 million for a man who fell through a sewer grate
  • $1.2 million for a man who slipped on an icy ramp
  • $1.2 million for a girl injured on a playground slide
  • $1 million for a woman who slipped on a rain mat

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How Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP Can Help You

Even if you are not sure whether you have a strong claim or want to bring a claim, call Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP for a free no-obligation consultation. Your injuries may seem minor at first but worsen over time. If we agree to accept your case, our lawyers will begin a careful and thorough investigation of your claim, advise you throughout the legal process, gather and secure evidence, file your claim in a timely manner, build a strong claim for maximum compensation, and negotiate with the at-fault party or parties so that you can focus on your own recovery. If necessary, we will present your case to a jury at trial in court if the other party is not willing to settle your claim for a fair amount of money.

Our lawyers have been fighting for injury victims just like you since 1988. If you have been injured by a dangerous premises condition, call our team of lawyers, don’t delay. There are deadlines that limit your rights to receive compensation. If you fail to file your claim by the deadline, you may be prevented from receiving the compensation you deserve.

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Focused on Your Recovery

    • Brain Damaged Child $50 Million

      A four-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for a routine eyelid repair. To cut costs, the hospital contracted out its anesthesia services to a third-party corporation.

    • Wrongful Death $21.5 Million

      This accident occurred in the Bronx when our client was working on a sanitation truck. The driver lost control while making a turn. Our client was ejected and the truck ran over his leg.

    • Pedestrian Injury $10.3 Million

      A 22-year-old theater intern was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was struck by the rear door of a passing truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

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