Broken Or Uneven Stairs

Bronx Fall Caused by Broken or Uneven Stairs Lawyer

Broken or uneven stairs on a property is a condition that puts guests and visitors in danger. Allowing broken or uneven stairs to exist without warning visitors of their presence (or repairing them) makes a property owner responsible for any injuries that the dangerous stairs cause.

If you or a loved one were injured because of broken or uneven stairs—or any other dangerous condition at a property—then a Bronx fall caused by a broken or uneven stairs lawyer will help you pursue compensation.

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New Yorkers Deserve Safety When Simply Moving Around Indoors

New Yorkers and everyone else use elevators and stairs throughout the city. Your fall and many others may have been preventable. Stairs in the Bronx or elsewhere could cause an injury if:

  • They are broken
  • They are uneven
  • They have improper spacing and geometry
  • They are sagging
  • They do not have adequate structural support
  • They lack proper or adequate handrails
  • They are covered with a loose or slippery material
  • They become covered in snow or ice
  • They are not properly lighted

New York is not alone as a locale where stairs can be a health hazard. According to Reuters, injuries that occur in stairwells that do not result in death cause about $92 billion in injury-related costs each year. They add that victims of such injuries fall within all age groups.

A Fall Can Cause Serious Injuries

You may consider bringing a lawsuit or insurance claim because your stair-related accident caused you to be seriously injured. You may have lost a loved one because of a stair-related accident. In either case, a lawyer can help you seek compensation.

Some of the injuries that could result from a stair-related fall include:

The injuries that you suffered because of unsafe stairs may produce numerous symptoms that diminish the quality of your life. Some symptoms may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Physical limitations
  • Difficulty with concentration and memory
  • Changes in your personality
  • Permanent cognitive decline
  • Emotional and psychological problems

The specific symptoms that you have experienced may take a toll on several aspects of your life. Your lawyer will become familiar with your specific injuries and symptoms. They will then detail how your injuries and subsequent symptoms have caused you harm and will calculate your financial losses and damages.

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Your Lawyer Will Argue Your Case for Full and Just Awards

A lawyer can argue your case for obtaining compensation insurance representatives or ultimately at trial to a jury. You may be able to seek financial recovery because your injuries:

  • Cause you pain and suffering
  • Cause permanent disability
  • Prevent you from working
  • Change the way that you function daily
  • Alter your relationships with others
  • Cause you financial harm through lost income, medical costs, and other costs of being injured
  • Diminish your quality of life

Your lawyer will fight to obtain compensation for these and any other losses that you have suffered. They will file your lawsuit and insurance claim, help you compile evidence, make court appearances on your behalf, conduct depositions, and, if necessary, fight for you at trial. Your lawyer will also ensure that your rights are protected throughout your case and fight zealously on your behalf to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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The Responsibilities of Property Owners

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe property. Stairs that are on someone’s premises constitute a hazardous and dangerous condition if they are improperly installed or maintained.

When one owns a property, they have a responsibility to keep their property safe for anybody who enters. Any property which contains broken or uneven stairs is not safe. Unsafe stairs indicate that the property owner is not adhering to mandatory safety-related obligations.

Some ways that a property owner may keep those who enter their premises safe include:

  • Repairing or otherwise eliminating hazards as quickly as possible
  • Providing adequate lighting across all portions of the property, including stairwells
  • Installing safety-specific features such as handrails
  • Isolating safety hazards—including broken or uneven stairs—so that those who enter the premises do not injure themselves
  • Explaining to employees or others tasked with caring for the property the importance of identifying and reporting safety hazards
  • Hiring a property manager, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) explains can handle complaints about the state of the property and respond in a safety-conscious manner

A property owner who is negligent in their duty to keep you safe will owe you compensation for the injuries and losses you suffer due to their negligence. A Bronx fall caused by a broken or uneven stairs lawyer will help you pursue compensation. 

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