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If you were injured in a fall on a stairway in a New York City building because the landlord or property owner failed to keep his or her property in a safe condition, Dansker & Aspromonte LLP Associates ( is here to help you.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, experts often recommend taking the stairs instead of the elevator. In New York City and anywhere there are tall buildings, many people are doing just that. Unfortunately, stairway accidents sometimes happen – and in some cases there’s more at play than just bad luck.

If you’ve fallen on a New York stairway because a landlord or property manager failed to fix broken steps or replace a damaged railing, you may be able to pursue legal recourse and recover money damages for your injuries.

Common Injuries from Falling on Stairs

When it comes to stairway accidents, victims rarely escape with “minor” injuries. Even a seemingly harmless fall halfway down or near the bottom of the steps can result in broken bones and head or back injuries. This is especially true for older adults, who are at risk not only of falling, but also for significant injuries in falls.

In any case, accidents are bound to happen if the stairways and railings in New York skyscrapers and apartment buildings aren’t properly maintained. If not addressed these unsafe and dangerous conditions can cause a multitude of injuries, such as:

  • Fractures
  • Head, brain and concussion injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Death
  • Back injuries
  • Dental injuries
  • Coma
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Joint injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Sprains, strains and tears
  • Internal hemorrhage
  • Other serious injuries

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Causes of New York Stairway Accidents

While sometimes our own clumsiness may be a factor in an accident, it is seldom the only factor. Common causes of New York City stairway accidents include:

  • Broken or collapsed stairways
  • Cracked or worn steps
  • Uneven treads and risers
  • Improper construction
  • Icy steps or slippery spills on steps
  • Torn rugs or carpet runners
  • Missing or loose handrails
  • Poor lighting

Do You Have a Viable Case?

The answer depends on your specific situation. You may be able to sue the landlord and get compensation for your injuries and related losses if the landlord or building owner:

  • Created a dangerous condition
  • Failed to take action to cure a hazardous condition
  • Took actions that caused or contributed to the accident in which you were hurt
  • Made improper repairs or performed an ineffective clean up
  • Took steps that made the problem worse

A New York City landlord may be legally responsible for your injuries if he or she created a hazardous situation or failed to address an existing hazard in a common area.  Common areas include building entrances, inside or outside stairwells, or any other area that tenants use to congregate or access different parts of the building.

In accordance with New York law, landlords must keep such areas “reasonably safe.”This means they must (1) ensure that stairwells and other common areas remain free of hazards, (2) they must immediately address any hazardous condition that is caused by the landlord or employees of the landlord and (3) rectify any dangerous condition caused by anyone that exists for period of time which is sufficient to give the landlord and/or the landlord’s staff or employees notice of the problem.

In conclusion, if you were injured in a fall on a stairway in a New York City building because the landlord or property owner failed to meet his or her legal obligations, we are here to help. Once you’ve contacted us, our dedicated lawyers with experience in cases involving broken steps and railings and all other premise dangers will evaluate your case, answer your questions, and advise you as to what to do.  We will then do everything we can to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and that you get all the compensation that you deserve.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical costs, lost income due to your inability to work, and any other losses that you may have suffered.

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