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Holding Reckless or Negligent Parties Accountable

Across the New York City metro area, it is rather common to see cyclists out riding along our roadways. Unfortunately, many riders face constant risks from both negligent motor vehicle drivers and dangerous roadway defects such as potholes and construction patches that threaten bicycle safety. In 2015 alone, there were roughly 467,000 bicycle accident injuries in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, the CDC has calculated that nonfatal bicycle accidents led to billions of dollars in lifetime medical costs and productivity losses.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, connect with Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP. Our Staten Island bicycle accident attorneys can help you file a claim, determine liability, seek damages, and will speak directly with the other side’s insurance carrier on your behalf.

Possible Causes of Your Bicycle Accident

Distracted drivers are one major cause of bicycle accidents in America. Cell phone use, GPS technology embedded in consoles, and talkative or rowdy passengers all present a danger to everyone else on the road. This can result in harm to innocent cyclists.

Another cause of bicycle accidents happens when both drivers and bicyclists do not understand the right-of-way laws. This can sometimes be caused by failure to yield, which can result in an accident. In some cases, drivers simply will not yield to bicyclists on the road and could even strike them at intersections.

Alcohol and other substances can also have a major effect on bicycle accidents. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 37% of all fatal bicyclist accidents involved the use of alcohol. Aside from distractions, improperly yielding, and alcohol, bicycle accidents can also occur due to aggressive driving. In addition, not every town or city has complete bicycle protection space, such as designated bike lanes, on the roadways. Drivers of motor vehicles and bicycles would have to share lanes in these situations which further endangers bicycle riders.

Bicycle accidents can also result from roadway defects such as poor design, poor roadway repair, or unfixed potholes.

Our firm can help you determine which parties you might be able to hold liable.

Working with a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Staten Island

If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Staten Island, call Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP. Our Staten Island bicycle accident lawyers can provide you with immediate legal advice once you have received any required medical attention. Shortly after your accident, you may also be contacted by your insurance provider or the opposing driver’s insurance. We can manage communications on your behalf so you can focus on getting healthy following your accident.

Once you call our firm, we can begin to examine your case’s details. From there, we may begin investigating your accident by gathering information from law enforcement, interviewing witnesses, obtaining your medical records, and calculating your damages. 

Following a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation that can cover the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP will also help you determine the at-fault party in your accident. In some cases, the driver of the vehicle that struck you might not be the only liable party. In other instances, if your accident was the result of your bicycle striking a defective condition in the roadway, we will investigate who, if anyone, was responsible for that roadway condition.

Proving Liability in Bicycle Accidents

Your Staten Island bicycle accident lawyer can investigate your accident and determine if the motor vehicle driver that struck you is the only liable party. 

Typically, motor vehicle drivers are negligent when they cause a bicycle accident by:

  • Running a red light
  • Failing to yield
  • Engaging in distracted driving
  • Side-swiping bicyclists
  • “Dooring” bicyclists (opening their car doors in front of oncoming bicyclists)

Injuries You May Have Sustained in Your Bicycle Accident

Our firm understands that cyclists face life-threatening injuries when hit by motor vehicles. Potential injuries from bicycle accidents include head trauma, bone fractures, and spinal cord injuries.

Every bicycle accident is different, and you could potentially face long-term medical treatment or physical therapy. This could mean expensive medical bills, which Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can fight to recover for you through a settlement package.

We Handle Your Case with No Upfront Costs

Bicycle injuries can leave you with thousands in medical bills and an inability to work. When we handle your case, we do so on a contingency fee basis. This means we advance all costs of your case and you are not charged any attorney’s fees unless and until you obtain compensation.

Trust Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP for Your Claim

Our attorneys are here to support you and your family after these costly accidents. If you are a bicycle messenger or delivery rider who particularly depends upon using a bicycle to work, we can support your claim and work to get you the money you deserve.

We are eager to hear your side of the story. We will:

  • Guide you and offer legal advice
  • Answer all your questions
  • Handle all communication with insurance companies and the other driver
  • Represent you in court and take your case to trial if necessary
  • Make our staff available to you over multiple forms of communication
  • Keeping you updated at every stage of your case
  • Gather and analyze evidence (police reports, accident reports, medical reports, photos and videos of the accident scene, eyewitness testimony, etc.)

Get in touch with our team today for your free consultation. 

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Focused on Your Recovery

    • Brain Damaged Child $50 Million

      A four-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for a routine eyelid repair. To cut costs, the hospital contracted out its anesthesia services to a third-party corporation.

    • Wrongful Death $21.5 Million

      This accident occurred in the Bronx when our client was working on a sanitation truck. The driver lost control while making a turn. Our client was ejected and the truck ran over his leg.

    • Pedestrian Injury $10.3 Million

      A 22-year-old theater intern was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was struck by the rear door of a passing truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

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