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If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one as a result of negligent medical care, you have the right to make a claim seeking compensation for all of your physical, emotional or economic damages. An emergency room errors lawyer from our team can help you fight for what you and your family deserve.

Serving the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP has built a proven track record of success by securing more than $500 million in settlements and verdicts for injury victims. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected. 

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We Can Fight for What You Deserve After a Preventable Injury or Illness

From triage nurses to hospital pharmacists, emergency room personnel in the Bronx are expected to be able to work under immense pressure without sacrificing the quality of care they provide to everyone who walks through their doors. When this standard of care is neglected, the results can be catastrophic—and we can fight for justice on your behalf.

Injuries and Illnesses That May Result From Emergency Room Error Cases

Your injury may have resulted from misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, failure to treat, or other forms of negligence. These errors could lead to a number of health complications, including but not limited to:

Some of these injuries can be especially expensive and difficult to treat. For instance, a traumatic brain injury could require additional surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and other ongoing care, according to Mayo Clinic.

Not only do these injuries have the potential to be fatal, but they may cause severe pain, inconvenience and extensive medical treatment, surgeries or hospitalization.. The pain you’re experiencing could—and should—have been avoided. An emergency room errors lawyer serving the Bronx will review your medical records, consult doctors and medical experts to determine causation and establish liability, and fight for compensation that covers both your economic and non-economic damages.  

Damages We Can Seek on Your Behalf

  • Pain and suffering: Physical pain, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss of quality of life, and more.
  • Medical expenses: Doctor and hospital visits, surgical procedures, rehabilitation services, medications, and more.
  • Lost income: Past, present, and future income losses and any reduction in earning capacity.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses: Transportation to and from necessary appointments, hiring a caregiver to care for a loved one in the home, adaptations to your way of life, and more. 
  • Wrongful death: Funeral and burial costs, loss of companionship or guidance, loss of inheritance, and more.

You are legally entitled to a certain standard of care when you seek medical attention. When this standard is breached, medical providers could be legally responsible for all of the damages which resulted. Determining what constitutes a breach of legal responsibility and what qualifies as fair compensation is often challenging.  Hiring a qualified and experienced team of lawyers to fight for you is essential.

At Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP, we are here to act as your advocate and guide. Our attorneys will explain the process in clear language and keep you informed every step of the way. 

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An Attorney From Our Team Can Be Your Advocate and Build Your Case

Proving an emergency room error requires knowledge of both the law and medicine and an understanding of what evidence will be required to effectively prove your claim. We will work to prove that: 

  • The injury or illness you’ve suffered was preventable.
  • Your injury was a direct result of the actions of healthcare providers.
  • Your provider’s negligent care caused damage 

We can work to build evidence of negligence, gathering expert testimony as needed in order to link your provider’s actions (or inactions) to your injury. Retain our team of lawyers to carefully and thoroughly build your claim and preserve your rights so that you can focus on your own recovery. 

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What You Can Expect From an Attorney on Our Team

  • Communication: We will handle all communication with the at-fault party and their representatives.
  • Evidence gathering: We will review medical records, consult medical experts for expert evaluations, gather evidence and analyze your claim for lost wages or other economic damages, e, and more to build your case and prove negligence. 
  • Negotiation: We will present your claim to the representatives of the at fault parties and aggressively negotiate for a fair settlement that compensates you for each and every type of damage you sustained and may sustain in the future. 
  • Litigation: If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, we will present your case to a trial jury in Court.

You Will Not be Required to Pay Us Any Money if We Accept Your Case

Call the attorneys at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP for a free consultation.  If we agree to accept your case, you will not be required to pay us any money upfront for our representation.  We accept all of our cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means that:

  • You will not be required to pay us any legal fees unless you recover compensation
  • No upfront fees are required to get started
  • We take our fees from any final settlement or awards you recover

In other words, you don’t have to worry about how to afford an attorney. This structure allows you to get started on your case at no out-of-pocket costs to you.

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We are available to take your call anytime, day or night. We will review your case, answer questions, and advise you on how to proceed.  If you believe that you or someone you love has been injured by medical negligence, call our office as soon as possible.  There are deadlines that limit your rights.  If you fail to bring your claim by the deadline, you may be forever prevented from recovering the compensation you deserve.

Focused on Your Recovery

    • Brain Damaged Child $50 Million

      A four-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for a routine eyelid repair. To cut costs, the hospital contracted out its anesthesia services to a third-party corporation.

    • Wrongful Death $21.5 Million

      This accident occurred in the Bronx when our client was working on a sanitation truck. The driver lost control while making a turn. Our client was ejected and the truck ran over his leg.

    • Pedestrian Injury $10.3 Million

      A 22-year-old theater intern was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was struck by the rear door of a passing truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

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