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Types of Falling Objects at Construction Sites

The average construction site is a very busy workplace. It is not uncommon to see people, equipment, and vehicles bustling and shuttling from one side of the construction site to the other. Even small construction sites for individual houses can be hives of activity at certain parts of the build.

However, no matter how busy a construction site gets or what type of project is underway, all loose objects and tools must be secured to prevent falling object injuries. Construction site managers should also either provide hard hats to all workers or not allow a worker on the site until they have procured their own hard hat. A properly fitted hard hat can save a worker’s life if a loose object falls and strikes them from above.

Many falling object accidents at construction sites across Manhattan involve:

Types of Injuries Sustained from Falling Objects

Injuries caused by falling objects striking a construction worker can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. As mentioned, a hard hat may prevent any injury other than a mild headache if worn properly. Without a hard hat, though, or if a worker or bystander is struck by an object larger than a tool, the resulting injuries may be catastrophic or fatal. Many injuries result when workers are not provided adequate safety equipment, including situations where they are not given a properly functioning hard hat or when hard hat use is not enforced.

Two of the worst, life-changing falling object injuries are:

  • Head and brain injuriesSevere brain hemorrhaging may occur if a heavy object strikes a construction worker in the head. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause life-changing consequences like memory loss, inability to speak articulately, difficulty with motor control, and more issues.
  • Back and spine injuriesIf a construction worker is struck by an object larger or heavier than a stray tool or bolt, then it could knock them to the ground and possibly partially crush them. When this happens, the risk of a paralyzing back injury is high.

How Do Falling Object Accidents Happen?

A falling object accident happens the same way that other accidents do: negligence.

A single mistake on a construction site could result in a loose object being knocked down to a lower level of the build and hitting someone. It is up to everyone on a construction site to make sure that all pieces of equipment are kept secure when not in use and that workers are kept from walking beneath active work sites and larger pieces of machinery like cranes. However, the General Contractor of a construction site and the owner of the premises generally have more responsibility for ensuring the safety of the worksite, which can raise questions of liability when a falling object injury occurs.

Who is Liable for a Falling Object Accident?

Liability in a falling object injury claim can be difficult to prove on your own. Several factors can affect liability, and every case is unique.

If the falling object accident happened due to the mistakes of a General Contractor, property owner, subcontractor or a third party like a vendor or inspector who is not your employer, then you have the right to bring a personal injury action. In certain instances, if your accident is solely the result of your own employer’s fault you might workers’ compensation to seek benefits available to injured workers, which can also be used if you file an injury claim against a defendant other than your employer. If you don’t have workers’ compensation, your only option will be an injury claim, though. 

Proving Negligence in a Falling Object Injury Case

For falling object injury cases with questions of negligence and liability, our legal team will thoroughly investigate your claim in order to identify and preserve evidence of fault. While you rest and focus on your recovery, we will build a strong claim against the responsible parties.

Evidence of negligence or a lack of workplace safety can include:

  • Safety protocols: Our Manhattan falling object injury lawyers can review the safety protocols of the company that hired you to see if there are gaps that should have been corrected with protocol updates before the accident.
  • Accident history: We can review the jobsite’s and the construction firm’s accident history. If there were similar accidents in the past, it could indicate that the company was negligent in its safety measures and training.
  • Video footage: If security cameras were placed around the construction site, then one might have captured your accident on film. Reviewing the footage could shed light on what went wrong and why.
  • Coworker statements: Sometimes, the most valuable insight into a falling object injury case is the information relayed by coworkers who saw what happened and/or knew of the company’s inadequate safety protocols.

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