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Placing a family member in a nursing home is a big decision, but it can be the best place for them to receive the attention and care they require.

Sadly, nursing homes often neglect their responsibility to protect our family from harm and instead of top-quality care and comfort, our loved ones suffer. This can lead to guilt, pain, and misfortune for everyone involved.

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Is Your Loved One Suffering from Nursing Home Negligence?

There are a variety of factors that can result in negligence, including:

  • Inadequate hygiene in the facilities
  • Understaffed facilities
  • Poor maintenance of medical equipment
  • Under-qualified staff
  • Insufficient employee background checks
  • Physical abusestaff members inflict physical pain on residents when frustrated or through inappropriate discipline actions.
  • Bedsoresresidents who have to lie or sit in one position for long periods develop bedsores and painful ulcers.
  • Nursing home fallsthis is one of the top injuries incurred in nursing homes. Falls could be the result of poor maintenance, obstacles, slippery falls, or failure to correctly restrain residents.
  • Wandering off – negligence can lead to residents wandering off the nursing home’s premises which lead to an array of dangers.
  • Dehydration or malnutritionmany residents require help with their nutrition and hydration, but can suffer due to the inattentiveness of staff.
  • Restraint injuriesstaff may use physical restraints incorrectly leading to serious injuries. Typical restraints include ankle and wrist restraints and chemicals such as sedatives.

Identifying Nursing Home Neglect and Negligence

Nursing home neglect can be tough to detect. However, you can look out for common warning signs that there may potentially be a problem. These include:

  • An abnormally pale complexion
  • Broken personal items
  • Torn clothing
  • Bruising that signifies the wrongful use of restraints
  • Unpleasant bodily odors and poor personal hygiene
  • Unattended health problems
  • Sudden and excessive weight loss
  • Dirty, lice or fleas in a resident’s room

Do You Need Help Proving a Nursing Home’s Negligence?

If you suspect your loved one is suffering due to negligence or neglect in a nursing home, the team at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can help. With over 30 years of experience, we ensure our clients get maximum compensation for their suffering.

Our firm will hold the nursing home responsible for neglect and abuse which may show as:

  • Burns
  • Elopement
  • Drops or falls
  • Bedsores and ulcers
  • Burns
  • Medication errors
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Carelessness that results in death
  • Dehydration and malnutrition

Our lawyers strive to protect your loved ones from neglect or abuse they may endure as a resident at a nursing home. Let us help you ease the pain. Get in touch today for your free consultation.

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