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New York City Scooter Accident Lawyer

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the ever-growing popularity of scooters, so have the number of accidents. Scooter accidents across New York City can happen in many different ways. 

When the reckless or irresponsible conduct of another is the cause of your scooter accident injuries, you may have the right to financial compensation. A New York City scooter accident lawyer at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can help you explore your legal options for financial recovery during a free consultation. 

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Possible Scooter Accident Injuries in New York City

Scooter accident injuries are becoming fairly common in New York City. Riding a scooter is meant to be a fun experience for friends and family, but scooter accidents may produce devastating injuries, such as:

  • Spinal cord, neck, and back injuries
  • Head and neck injuries, including concussions and whiplash
  • Compound fractures and other broken bones
  • Dental and facial injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Injuries that require surgical intervention
  • Loss of limbs

If you suffered an injury not listed above, you may still have the right to financial compensation. Your personal injury lawyer can discuss your scooter accident injuries and the damages you have sustained.

Fault for New York City Scooter Accidents

Scooter accidents happen in a wide variety of ways. Some of the possible situations in which New York City scooter accidents occur include:

  • Pedestrian-involved accidents
  • Accidents involving bicyclists
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Defective scooters
  • Malfunctioning scooter chargers

Your attorney will carefully examine the evidence in your case to determine what caused your accident and who is responsible for your injuries.

Challenges With Scooter Accidents in New York City

One of the biggest issues with scooter accident claims in New York City is that these vehicles are still so loosely regulated. Scooters will often fall into a legal gray area, possibly making it easier for liable parties to escape culpability, whether they are negligent motorists, private individuals, property owners, product manufacturers, or businesses.

Ultimately, you may want to have a scooter accident lawyer on your side to help you prove that the liable party failed to uphold their duty of care and negligently caused you to suffer considerable injuries and losses. The types of scooter accident claims and lawsuits that may be filed include:

  • Defective product claims
  • Premises liability lawsuits 
  • Motor vehicle accident claims 
  • Other personal injury cases
  • Wrongful death

Although scooter accident claims in New York City bring many unique challenges, with the right legal representative by your side, you can fight to make the liable party pay for their recklessness.

How a New York City Scooter Accident Attorney Can Help You

Many scooter accident victims in New York City are hesitant to contact an attorney because they are unsure how an attorney can help them. If you choose to select our firm to take on your case, you can expect us to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Identifying the potential causes of your scooter accident
  • Determining who is at fault for your scooter accident injuries 
  • Gathering evidence, including medical records, video surveillance, police and accident reports, expert statements, and witness testimony
  • Calculating the value of your scooter accident claim 
  • Helping you seek compensation through an insurance claims or lawsuit

How Long Do You Have to File Your New York City Scooter Accident Lawsuit?

If you are interested in pursuing a New York City scooter accident lawsuit, you need to take action soon. The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in the state of New York is just three years, according to CVP § 214. However, this deadline may change depending on the unique circumstances of your case. 

You do not want to risk waiting until it is too late to pursue a claim or lawsuit. If your scooter accident claim is not filed before the statute of limitations runs out, then you will be prohibited from seeking compensation through the New York civil court system. 

Fortunately, you can avoid issues like these by hiring an attorney to handle the legal details of your case.

What Is Your Scooter Accident Claim Worth?

It is more common than you might think for scooter accident victims to wonder what their claims are worth. When you have suffered devastating injuries, the thought of going into insurance negotiations or filing a civil lawsuit may seem like too much to bear. But if your efforts will pay off in the long run, you may be more willing to pursue your case.

If the negligence of another caused your scooter accident, you may have the right to be paid in full for your damages. This means you could recover compensation for all of your monetary and non-monetary losses, also commonly referred to as economic and non-economic damages. 

Some of the awarded economic and non-economic damages in New York City scooter accident cases may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Scarring or disfigurement 
  • Unexpected child care costs
  • Costs of repairing or replacing your scooter
  • Current and ongoing medical bills and healthcare equipment
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Damage to your reputation

You may also be wondering whether you will be awarded punitive damages for your scooter accident injuries. Punitive damages are awarded in cases where the court finds the actions of the liable party to be abhorrent. By awarding you punitive damages, they hope to punish the liable party beyond the damages you suffered. These damages are rare, but your lawyer can tell you if they may apply in your case.

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    • Brain Damaged Child $50 Million

      A four-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for a routine eyelid repair. To cut costs, the hospital contracted out its anesthesia services to a third-party corporation.

    • Wrongful Death $21.5 Million

      This accident occurred in the Bronx when our client was working on a sanitation truck. The driver lost control while making a turn. Our client was ejected and the truck ran over his leg.

    • Pedestrian Injury $10.3 Million

      A 22-year-old theater intern was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was struck by the rear door of a passing truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

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