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If you suffered serious injuries in a hit and run accident while bicycling in New York City, you may be entitled to compensation. Proving liability is often difficult when the driver flees the scene. Unless witnesses captured the license plate or the incident was caught on video, you may need a different approach to your case.

A New York hit and run accident lawyer from Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can explore all options for your civil case. From your own insurance coverage to other factors that possibly contributed to your accident, we leave no stone uncovered in the search for justice.

A tragic bicycle accident can leave you with life-changing injuries. 

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New York Has a Unique Relationship with Bicyclists

Bicycles are a common sight throughout New York City. Whether you ride for pleasure, to commute, or to provide services, you deserve to arrive safely at your destination. No matter how cautiously you travel on your bicycle, an irresponsible driver can cause you serious harm within seconds.

The very elements that make a bicycle an attractive form of travel for many are the same elements that can place you at greater risk for serious injuries. The lack of protection can leave you with severe external or internal harm when another driver fails to safely share the road.

New York City Department of Transportation regulations and NYC Traffic laws require that vehicles in New York City must yield to bicyclists in marked bike lanes. Special care must be taken by drivers in the following circumstances:

  • To enter or leave a driveway
  • To enter or leave a curbside parking space
  • To cross an intersection
  • To make a turn within an intersection
  • To comply with instruction by law enforcement

Why Do Drivers Leave The Scene Of An Accident

There is a wide variety of reasons that drivers leave the scene of an accident. Most of the time, the driver knowingly chooses to leave the scene because he or she wishes to avoid justice or take responsibility for their actions. Sometimes, however, the driver is genuinely unaware that they were involved in an accident or so incapacitated by drugs or alcohol to know that an incident has taken place. 

Some reasons for leaving the scene of an accident may include:

  • Intoxication by drugs or alcohol
  • Fear of arrest for outstanding warrants or unlicensed/uninsured operation
  • Aggressive or intentional driving conduct
  • Causing an accident without a vehicle contact
  • Light contact that is not felt by the driver
  • Hope to avoid a traffic ticket or adverse driving record

These (and other reasons) are often why drivers may flee the scene of an accident.

If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, it is imperative that you call the police immediately. Let law enforcement investigate your accident since they have tools to access traffic cameras, interview witnesses and perform an investigation. After the police are involved, you should seek medical attention to assess your injuries as soon as possible. Finally, a free consultation with the experienced lawyers at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP will assist you in protecting your rights to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Common Injuries That Result from Hit and Run Accidents

Unfortunately, drivers often leave the scene of an accident when they perceive that severe or catastrophic injuries may have resulted from their actions. In reality, however, hit and run injuries vary widely and may include:

  • Head or brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Spine damage
  • Internal organ trauma
  • Skin and tissue tearing
  • Joint dislocation or damage
  • Death

Can I Receive Compensation if the Hit and Run Driver Is Not Located

No matter what influenced a negligent driver’s split-second decision to leave the scene, locating them is often challenging even with police involvement. Even if the police are unable to locate the identity and insurance of the responsible driver, the lawyers at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP have experience conducting their own investigation at the place of your accident. Depending on the unique circumstances of your incident we may be able to locate witnesses or video footage of your accident that the police were unable or unwilling to obtain. Even the best investigation does not guarantee that a fleeing driver will ever be located.

If the identity of the hit and run driver is not determined, you may be able to make a claim with your own insurance company if you are covered by your own or a family member’s vehicle insurance policy. The time to make a claim to your own insurance policy is limited and you must notify your own insurance company within a reasonable time after your hit and run accident. If you fail to notify your insurance company of your intention to make a claim within a certain deadline you may be prevented from receiving the compensation you would otherwise be entitled to.

If you were injured in a hit and run accident but do not have a vehicle or live in a household that has a vehicle, you may be entitled to make a claim with an organization known as The Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC). MVAIC provides financial compensation to hit and run victims that have no other source of insurance coverage to pay their damages. Like your own insurance company, you must bring a claim with MVAIC within a deadline or you will be barred from receiving compensation.

Your time to act is limited. If you have been seriously injured in hit and run accident, don’t delay. A personal injury lawyer from our team is available to discuss your rights today. 

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    • Brain Damaged Child $50 Million

      A four-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for a routine eyelid repair. To cut costs, the hospital contracted out its anesthesia services to a third-party corporation.

    • Wrongful Death $21.5 Million

      This accident occurred in the Bronx when our client was working on a sanitation truck. The driver lost control while making a turn. Our client was ejected and the truck ran over his leg.

    • Pedestrian Injury $10.3 Million

      A 22-year-old theater intern was walking across the intersection of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan when she was struck by the rear door of a passing truck which had flown open because it had been improperly secured by the driver.

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