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Representing Clients Involved in Drunk Driving Accidents

Many drunk driving accidents are caused by negligent drivers that have left local taverns or bars. Accidents of this nature may also be due to the negligence of the establishment that continued to serve the driver alcohol well after they became intoxicated. When someone is over-served, they can pose a significant threat to everyone around them, and should they cause an accident, everyone at fault needs to be held responsible.

Who is Responsible in a Drunk Driving Case?

When a drunk driver causes motor vehicle accidents, there may be multiple parties at fault. Certainly the person that chose to drive drunk is directly responsible for any injuries or damages, but the establishment that served the alcohol could also be held legally responsible.

The law allows third parties injured due to a drunken person’s negligence to sue the owner/operator of the bar or restaurant where that person was drinking, as long as it can be shown that the individual continued to receive alcohol after he or she was “visibly intoxicated.”

We also handle other types of claims involving liability for selling or serving alcohol, including the following cases:

  • A restaurant, bar, or tavern serves alcohol to an underage customer
  • A liquor store employee sells packaged alcohol to someone underage or someone that is visibly drunk
  • A party host serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are involved in an auto accident and believe that a tavern, bar, or other establishment might be responsible.

Experienced New York City Tavern Liability Attorneys

Drunk driving accidents can lead to a variety of injuries and physical trauma, and at Dansker & Aspromonte, we are the leading law firm when it comes to getting maximum compensation for these accidents. Some of the most common injuries experienced in a tavern liability case include:

  • Fractures
  • Neck, back, and spinal injuries
  • Skin and soft tissue injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Wrongful death suits

Once we take on your case, we will work diligently to secure the compensation that you deserve and to assist in your healing process. This involves exploring all separate acts of independent negligence, including the role of the tavern or bar. We will stand up for your rights to ensure the proper party is held accountable for your injuries and other losses.

Dansker & Aspromonte Will Get Adequate Compensation for Your Tavern Liability Case

If you or someone that you love has been injured in an alcohol-related accident, you could be entitled to compensation under tavern and bar liability laws. Call us today to have your case thoroughly evaluated by our team of NYC personal injury attorneys. With a proven track record of trial success and a commitment to getting you maximum compensation for your injuries, we will help you with these complex legal cases..

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